The Boom of Artificial Intelligence in the Financial – Insurance – Banking Market

In the era of continuous innovation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a powerful tool for the development of the Financial – Insurance – Banking industry. 


According to the latest report from Global Market Insights (USA), the market value of Artificial Intelligence in these industries has surged, reaching $20 billion in 2022, and is expected to explode to $100 billion by 2032 with an impressive growth rate of 20% per year. 


So, what are the reasons behind such robust growth in the AI market? Let’s explore in this article. 


Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Financial – Insurance – Banking Sector 


Leading BFSI organizations globally, such as Bank of America, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, MasterCard, Capital One, and OCBC Bank Singapore, have swiftly adopted chatbots and voicebots to optimize customer interactions. For them, outsourcing these technologies has become more cost-effective than developing them in-house. 


Risk monitoring companies have utilized AI frameworks to record and video all interactions between customers and banks. For example, Denmark’s Danske has successfully deployed an AI framework, increasing fraud detection rates by up to 60%. 


PayPal, a pioneer in the field, has developed fraud detection tools using open-source tools and combining data mining, machine learning, and human expertise to enhance detection capabilities. 


With this continuous technological development, AI investment in the BFSI market is expected to increase. The next decade will bring significant growth opportunities, although the industry also faces challenges related to security, compliance, transparency, explainability, and reliability. However, with readiness and innovation, the BFSI market has been and continues to shape a decade of innovation and challenges. 


Artificial Intelligence in the Insurance Sector 


Pricing Insurance Based on Individual Risk 


In the Insurtech field, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not only a novel technology but also a breakthrough in pricing insurance based on individual risk. Thanks to AI, each customer is not just a statistic but a detailed, unique profile customized to their needs and individual risks. 


AI not only helps process large datasets but also creates in-depth analysis models for each customer. Instead of using broad criteria, AI provides a more accurate assessment of individual risks, based on factors such as lifestyle, medical history, and even data from IoT devices. 


Personalized insurance pricing models not only benefit the industry but also enhance the customer experience. Instead of accepting standard insurance fees, customers are assessed based on their actual risks, creating a fairer environment and helping them save costs. 


With the combination of AI and increasingly rich user data, the future of insurance pricing will become more automated and customized. Each transaction will bring new opportunities to understand customers deeply, shaping risk levels and insurance prices more accurately and fairly. 


For example, in the future, health monitoring devices could be integrated with the insurance company’s AI system. For users of these devices, daily activities such as step count, heart rate, and sleep patterns could be automatically recorded and transmitted to the AI system. 


Artificial Intelligence in the Financial Sector 


AI-supported systems not only help capture information from vast datasets but also provide a detailed view and optimization strategy for Fintech businesses. The flexibility of AI in processing financial data predicts market trends with high accuracy. Through machine learning, AI can identify patterns and provide early warnings about market fluctuations. 


Moreover, the flexibility and accuracy of AI in investment decisions creates an efficient investment portfolio management environment. This system can adapt quickly to market changes, ensuring that the portfolio is adjusted to meet investment goals and strategies. 


The power of AI lies in its ability to make intelligent investment decisions, a crucial feature for Fintech businesses. AI is not just a tool but a reliable partner in managing investment portfolios. The system can automatically make decisions based on market data and investment goals, reducing dependence on human decisions and increasing management efficiency. 


Artificial Intelligence plays a significant role in dealing with fraud and abnormal activities in the financial sector. AI uses machine learning models to identify patterns of abnormal behavior and fraud risks. Real-world applications have proven that AI can detect fraud from its inception, protecting users’ and businesses’ finances from potential threats. 


Artificial Intelligence in the Banking Sector 


At a basic level, AI enhances interaction between banks and customers through intelligent chatbots, providing a smooth and efficient interaction experience. This not only reduces waiting time for customers but also enhances 24/7 service capabilities. 


In data analytics, AI plays a crucial role in extracting information from large datasets, creating accurate predictions about market trends and investment advice. This technology not only helps banks understand customers better but also ensures investment decisions are based on accurate information and in-depth analysis. 


In terms of security, AI systems can detect any unusual behavior and financial fraud risks. This helps prevent fraudulent activities from the beginning, safeguarding the finances of both customers and banks from potential hidden threats. 


In conclusion, the integration of Artificial Intelligence into the banking industry not only enhances efficiency but also opens new possibilities for continuous innovation. AI is not just a technology; it is an official partner leading the banking industry into a new era of service and customer experience. 


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